Contributing to the community

We are proud to have a team who is passionate about giving back and supporting local communities, day-to-day green living and animal ethics.

Green mindset

At Pharmaseed we took it upon ourselves to implement the “3 R’s” of waste management – Waste Reduction, Reusing and Recycling.
We believe that practicing green living at work can affect employee’s habits and daily lives.
As an organization with a mission of improving and taking care of human health, we strongly believe in the link between a healthy planet and healthy people.

Community mindset

Thousands of elderly people residing in Israel live in poverty.
Some of them are lonely, live in crumbling dilapidated apartments. Mathilda, an 85-year-old woman, for example lives alone in an apartment in Rishon-Lezion, on Israel’s Mediterranean coast.
Unfortunately, the space Mathilda has been living in was barely habitable, with mold on several surfaces, plaster peeling off the walls and cracked floors.
To welcome 2022 with kindness, hope and love, Pharmaseed’s employees joined Sayeret HaShiputsim (NGO; “The Construction Patrol”) and helped renovate this kind woman’s apartment. Our amazing team volunteered to get their hands dirty by taking down walls, plastering and painting. While Mathilda’s home got a fresh makeover, we are the ones who feel truly blessed for the opportunity to make a (small) difference. We are thankful for the opportunity and wish her abundance of happiness and health!

Volunteer work

Eretz Hatzvi, a family park established in 2016, by Ziv Adiv, is essentially a rehabilitation center for injured wildlife located in the central district of Israel.
Pharmaseed employees volunteered at the park, cleaning cages, organizing, repainting and maintaining the cages. It was a tremendous honor helping and providing the animals with a better environment to live in.

Returning to nature

Life saving clinical researches and studies wouldn’t be obtainable without the tremendous services animals provide us.
We at Pharmaseed work under all ethical rules, adhere to the conditions of breeding and research, as well as operating under the supervision of animal rights organizations.
We strive to return back to nature all animals that are able to survive in the wild and allow them the opportunity to live in their natural habitat.

Contributing To The Community