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Wide range of expertise and hands on experience in developing cell based technologies

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Broad range of expertise testing diverse technologies ranging from nutraceutical, cell therapy, small molecule-based drugs, through gene therapy, cannabis-based therapy and microbiome-modulated approaches

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Responsibility & involvement - from idea to product
Agile processing & controlled environment
Over 20 years of experience in executing a vast variety of complex projects
Key player in 12 FDA submissions and 6 clinical trials


Uri Herzberg, DVM, PhD
Uri Herzberg, DVM, PhD
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"Pharmaseed provided us high quality execution of very complex animal models that were previously unestablished for auto-immune disease, that assessed the safety and activity of our preclinical candidate. The flow of materials, data and scientific communication were maintained even through the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic in 2021"
Yona Gefen, Ph.D
Yona Gefen, Ph.DVice President R&D Gamida Cell therapy technologies
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“Heading Gamida Cell’s R&D I have been working with Pharmaseed’s team, conducting several GLP studies supporting our program. During this period, Pharmaseed conducted in-vitro studies with our cell therapy products that were required for our regulatory IND and BLA packages submissions to the FDA. Pharmaseed’s team helped us with the study design and performance, keeping the highest quality standards and addressing thoroughly every challenge and issue arising during the work. The team was very professional, involved and responsive to any of our requests and comments to their fullest and in a timely fashion. As a multi-project, clinical stage company, which works with several preclinical CROs globally, we at Gamida Cell would like to underpin the overall quality, reliability and flexibility we experienced working with pharmaseed. I therefore warmly recommend their services”
Shawn He,
Shawn He,EVP, research & early development Celularity Inc
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“I have worked with the pharmaseed team for 12 years on more than 50 nonclinical, pharmacology, biodistribution and toxicology studies. Pharmaseed team are highly professional while being accommodating and very supportive. They Have a very broad knowledge and experience with animal modeling for cell-based therapies. In the last 5 years, they successfully conducted multiple IND-enabling toxicology studies to support the development of our cellular immunotherapy products, including NK and CART cells.”
Ziv Lifshitz, Ph.D
Ziv Lifshitz, Ph.DR&D director. Trobix bio
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“Pharmaseed’s team accompanied us through all steps of the different projects, from study design to final reporting, and shared its valuable input and experience to address the challenges that surfaced during the work. The highly qualified and professional team was very involved, demonstrated deep understanding of our projects and showed a sincere desire to help and move our projects forward. As a young start-up we experience dynamic timelines and frequent R&D alterations, which require flexible and adaptable working arrangement. Consequently, Pharmaseed’s team showed the exact flexibility we require, alongside a set of skills that perfectly answered our needs and demands. They were always present and on time, making them a reliable partner. I therefore strongly recommend the services of Pharmaseed!”

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About us

Pharmaseed is a certified pre-clinical CRO, specializing in translational projects of all stages, mastering the “end in mind” approach. With over 20 years of experience, a professional team which includes over 13 PHD and postdoctoral level researchers who have held key positions within the life sciences industry, state of the art laboratory, in house vivarium, BL2 safety unit and a modern in vitro laboratory, we are conducting multidisciplinary, complex studies covering molecular, cellular and in vivo needs according to the highest ethical and regulatory standards.


Our quality assurance department is composed of experienced, highly dedicated, and a professionally trained team specializing in pre-clinical studies, facility audits, R&D development, and quality assurance procedures. Our highly detailed QA procedures ensure that the preclinical studies adhere to the highest standards and in accordance with the most updated regulatory requirements.


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